Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Adams Redline Woods....Overlooked in Golf ?

I wanted to take a minute here to give my personal review of some golf clubs that I recently hit, the Adams Redline series. This is not a paid post, just my own views because I was truly impressed. This past summer I tried several brands of clubs, and my personal favorites don't tend to go with the newer flashy clubs, or game inprovment irons. I guess you could say I'm sort of a traditionalist for the looks.

Currently I play with Titleist 990 irons, which aren't new by any means, but I like the look and feel they give, and the feedback from shots. Another favorite of mine is the old tried and true Tommy Armour 845s originals. I've hit quite a few good shots with them, and have no problem recommending them to anyone.

Right now I've been playing with Titleist woods, the 975 series, 1, 3 and 5 woods. I like them, especially the 3 and 5, for some reason. Good trajectory and control. But now, I have tried the Adams, and I am surprised at what I did.

To start with, for a traditionalist, I wasn't sure about the driver. It has a 460cc head, neutral, which to me is large since I'm used to a fairly small driver head. It felt almost like swinging a Volkswagen on the end of a stick. But, the distance I got on the first hit shocked me, and straight! After a few shots, I could tell that even with the bigger head I can work the ball with a fade or draw, and the distance is good even for off center hits.

Now to test the 3 wood; I am truly impressed with this thing. No trouble at all getting it up, it has a good trajectory, and the distance is about what I get with my Titleist driver. And working the ball, I like to hit a draw when I can, and it was so easy with this club.

The great thing is, these clubs can be bought for such a low price compared to the new fancy ones you see advertised today. And looking at places such as Ebay, brand new ones can be had for a steal!

Will I give up my Titleist? No way! But, I do think there will be a place in my bag this coming year for these Adams Redline woods. That's how much I was impressed with them. And as for my Titleist irons, well, I have a birthday coming in the not too distant future, so I think maybe it's time to get them refurbished and re-gripped for the coming season.


analou said...

I am not good in golf but I like hitting a few once in awhile. I have few clubs and I got it from a garage sale. It still very good in my own opinion. How are you today? How's your holiday? Thanks for the visit.

RD Livengood said...

Hi Analou,
I'm very happy for your comment. What kind of clubs do you have? They will last for many years with some tlc.
The holidays have been good so far, just can't wait for warmer weather, lol. I'm glad to see that you enjoy hitting, for me it's good exercise and very relaxing too.

New Zealand travel said...

One day I'll try golfing!! Have read some many articles about it....

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