Sunday, August 30, 2009

If You Don't Concentrate On Your Putt....

Well, some say a bad day golfing is better than a good day be the judge.

I hope that's not a new Titleist ball they're just leaving laying there!


Sitting here writing on another blog about the things I miss in the Philippines, it made me want to share it here also. Oh, I mean all the little everyday things that most of us take for granted in our busy lives, but when I'm there, I feel swept back in time to a place that I remember as a boy. It was called "home", and life was so very different then.

Of course I didn't have bills to pay, work, or obligations as you do when you get older, but the best things I remember are the things I see and feel every day when I'm at home in the Philippines. You see, life seems to go back to being simple, and the people truly enjoy life for what it is.

I remember the neighbors when I was young, visiting in the house, relatives coming for the weekend, or us going to the mountains to spend a few days with my uncle and aunt. I remember my mother actually cooking every meal, and we all ate together as a family. On Sunday afternoons after church and the big lunch that I don't know where my mother found the time to prepare, we might go on a drive, just anywhere, but as a family.

When I go to Davao and spend time there with my family, it brings back all sorts of memories like that, because that is just everyday life there. Waking up to the sound of the rooster, Katherine getting coffee ready, and the joy of sharing it outside while we watch the village come alive. The sounds of the man selling 'Taho", which I dearly love, the neighbors coming around and greeting you, and starting the day with friends. Watching and hearing the sounds of the children playing, planning to go to the market, and oh, the smell and taste of the fresh pandesal, if anyone got up early enough to get some.

The days there are busy, but it's a different kind of busy, which I don't seem to have the words to explain. Though you might have much to do, there's always time for family and friends. Yet the work always gets done, and it gets done in a happy kind of way. And after the day is done, it's so relaxing to stroll through the village in the quiet of the evening, meeting the people and just getting to know the place.

I could probably sit here and write page after page of all the things I enjoy doing when I'm there, but it might not mean anything to anyone but me. All I know is, that I get taken back to a better time, a time that I remember with fondness, and the best part of it is that when I'm there, it's not memories, but it's just simple everyday life.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

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Philippines; Natural Wood Furniture

In making plans lately for the house, Katherine and I have been talking, adding to or taking away from what we see, and generally trying to get an overall plan of what we want. While this can be frustrating at times, it's an enjoyable kind of frustration, if you understand what I mean. One thing we both like quite a lot is the natural wood furniture, so I have put a couple of photos here for you to see what I mean.

So tell me, what do you think of this kind of furniture? To me, it's awsome, the way they use the natural resources to make something so beautiful and lasting. And, you would be surprised at the comfort too!

Blogtelevision Cures the Blues

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Long Weekend...

Do you ever have those days, when you just don't know what to do with yourself? For me it's a weekend. Time off with not a thing to do. Well, actually I'm sure I could come up with quite a lot if I just look around, LOL.

Yesterday was busy, running around and getting things done, truck inspection, etc. Then at home to work in the yard for the early part of the afternoon, washing house windows, spraying weed killer around. Why is it the grass grows best in those places I don't want it to grow? Then of course it rained really hard later in the afternoon, squashing all thoughts of playing outside with Tanner.

But there's today, the sun is out and it's really hot. Hitting a few golf balls in the back yard, and I think later in the afternoon, maybe when it cools off just a bit, I'll go to the driving range and hit a bucket. I want to try out some shots with some Titleist 990's, to see if I can work the ball with these irons. I like the looks of them, clean simple lines, and of course Titleist makes a superb club, so I want to try these out. I think I'd like to put in a large putting green out back, that sounds like a good project.

Well, time to go and find something to eat, then try to shake off this boredom. I hope everyone is having a nice weekend.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Shopping for the Seasons

Again I want to share some shopping tips and strategies for the ladies that can help save you time and money. As you realize, the seasons change, and along with that so do your needs when it comes to clothing and accessories.

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Don't forget that Autumn is just around the corner, meaning back to school, a little chill in the air, and a whole different type of wardrobe. You can choose from the many Autumn styles they offer, including plaids, knits, even eyeliners and boots for the style and season.

Are you ready for winter? The winter styles will leave you nothing short of impressed. Current styles include tunics and trouser ensembles, cute coats for the cold weather, or you can choose to go military chic. There are so many styles to choose from, and even more, they have many guides and tips to help you make the right choices for you.

I am always impressed with the value you get along with the help you need when shopping here, so do yourself a favor, don't wait to check out their offerings, take a look today!

Get Them Phones Fixed!

Over the course of the last couple of weeks, it's been a chore trying to call Katherine. Only once or twice has the call actually gone right through, as normal, the rest of the time it's 15 to 20 minutes of redialing, waiting, and finally getting a connection that makes the voices late, trying to hear over line noise, etc. They said it's affecting all the lines, not just one particular company, so all we can do for now is wait patiently and hope that it will be corrected over the next few days. I suppose it's just one of those things we have to get used to when dealing with another country.

Here on the home front, it's still hot! Oh, the golf balls are still getting plenty of use, and the peppers and tomatoes are looking good, though the grass is getting a little thin in spots. But due to some much needed rain over the weekend, even that is looking a lot better.

Tanner isn't a hot weather boy, he likes it cool, so his main respite in laying on the air conditioning vents during the day to stay cool when it's so hot outside. Still, he's always ready to caddy for me and retrieve those golf balls during my chipping practice. In fact, he gets excited when he sees me pick up a club, so I guess it's one of his favorite games also.

Well, now to go outside in this heat and trim some on the lawn, water the plants, and oh yeah, some short game practice in this heat.....

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A True Shopping Extravaganza

I'd like to take just a few minutes to tell you about a shopping experience I have found to be unique, time saving, and very cost effective for me. More and more the Internet is becoming the way of shopping for many people, just real people like you and me. Sometimes it seems like a task in itself to try and search the web for items you might need, or simply want to compare to others you have seen.

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hot, Sweaty and Tired!

Yeah, it's a hot day here, again in the upper 90's, but that's ok too. Since I had a day off from work, I went to the driving range to give a couple of lessons. It seems a couple of the young guys at work are getting into the golf spirit, so they wanted to learn how to hit their new clubs.

Well, there's nothing I enjoy much more than that, so in spite of the heat, off I went, and it turned out to be an enjoyable time. One guy is so primed that he's already entered into a local tournament next weekend, so we had our work cut out for the day. Altogether though, I was impressed to see the progress for a beginner, and I think he will have a lot of fun.

For me personally, I used most of the time working on my short game, and around the putting green, since I think that's where I need most work. Then after coming home, of course I had to hit some more in the back yard with my personal coach, Tanner. At least he loves chasing the balls and bringing them back to me, so I don't have to walk so far, LOL.

And congratulations to Y.E. Yang from South Korea for his victory this past week at the PGA championship. I can't wait to get to Davao and play some of those hard and fast fairways and greens, hopefully with Katherine. Maybe she'll get the fever too....
Wow, I wish I could teach this game for a living!

The Voice is the Greatest Musical Instrument of all

be sure to listen to all three......

Stand By Me...Where Would We Be... The Lion Sleeps Tonight ; and if you enjoy these, be sure to click on the videos that follow for other parts of the concert.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Moving?...Direct TV, No problem!!

When you face the chores of moving from one location to another, it's always a very difficult time. There are so many things to take care of, to plan for, and not the least is having to change all your services such as phone, electric, water...yeah, it's a headache to be sure. But one bright spot to look for is if you have Direct TV they will handle the headache for you. No fuss, no muss, just let them know and they will do the hard part. That's one less worry you have to deal with, and believe me, one less can sometimes mean a lot.

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