Thursday, December 17, 2009

Never Too Cold to Hit a Golf Ball...??

Well, maybe just a little...but still, between sitting here watching the golf channel, Tanner coming up and wanting to go out every few minutes, (I know he's bored too) I couldn't stand it any longer. You can see from the pics that it looks a little desolate out in the back yard with the leaves mostly off the trees now. Been putting out some corn for the squirrels and deer to feed on, bird seed in the feeders, and little alfalfa bales and lettuce for the rabbits, 'possum and raccoon. Of course, if there's nothing out there, the raccoon and 'possum will come up to the back porch and let their displeasure be known, so I try to keep some stuff when it's cold like this out there for everyone to eat.

Tanner was out the other day on his cable enjoying the little sunshine we had when I heard him barking, not his normal "I'm ready to come inside" bark, but rather excited about something in the woods. He was jumping and wanting to play, wagging his tail, so I figured it was another dog from somewhere and went outside. When I got to the edge of the woods where he was jumping, I looked and there walking along without a care in the world was the largest, prettiest skunk I have ever seen. I told Tanner no, you don't want to play with that, brought him back inside and decided it was better to just watch TV for a while.

But today, he was so happy when he saw me pick up an 8 iron and head for the back door, and cold or not, he went right into his "caddie mode" and started chasing and playing with the golf balls as I hit them across the yard. I guess it's never too cold to enjoy yourself, whatever it might be.


Sandee said...

I'm glad that you and Tanner played some golf. That's a wonderful thing. :)

RD Livengood said...
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RD Livengood said...

Thank you Sandee, it's great excercise for both of us, and he loves to chase them and put them in his little pile, so at least I don't have to walk all over the place, lol.