Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving Dinner with the Family

Yesterday was Thanksgiving Day, and I woke up this morning still feeling full, but wanting more. The food was great, and there was plenty to choose from. Tanner was happy too, because I brought him a special plate home as well.

I guess the best part of it was spending time with family, something a lot of us don't get to do much anymore because of work and time constraints. I went to my sister's house where everybody gathered, and knowing my one sister Barbara had a massive stroke last year leaving her right side paralyzed, I try to spend more time there than I used to.

Now, both my sisters are musicians, I'm the baby of the family by a long way, lol, and they used to teach my guitar chords when I was small. That's how I got my start in music. My sister Peggy still goes to sing and play a couple of times a week at different places, mostly gospel music, which I enjoy a lot. But both of them are grounded in country music, where I myself have fallen towards the bluegrass path with the banjo.

Yesterday was nice in that after dinner we went to the music room to play around a little with the instruments, Peggy did the guitar while I was doing my banjo thing. Everybody else was singing, and the great part was that Barbara was singing along too, for the first time since she had her stroke. I know she wishes she could pick up the guitar again, but just to join in and be a part of things was worth so much.

So, coming away from there last night gave us all a blessing, more than just good food and a social gathering, but I saw another barrier being torn down in the list of things she can't do anymore, and that was worth it all.


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