Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Day Off for the Doctor

Well, I had another doctor's appointment this morning, had to wake up early, 6:15, which for me is early, especially when it's my day off. Had the coffee maker ready, my favorite thing in the digital age is having coffee just freshly brewed when I wake up. Never could teach Tanner to do it, so I had to buy one with the timer, LOL.

So, it's into the shower where my eyes actually started to open, take my time, shave, get dressed and more coffee, and outside with Tanner so he can do his morning rituals. Then to warm up the truck, since it's cold outside this morning, (jacket weather) and a 35 minute drive to Lexington to the doc's office.

When I pulled on the door, it was locked. I looked again at my watch, and finally my early morning brain focused on the sign hanging on the front door. It seems there was an emergency, water pipes or something has burst in the office, and it was closed. So that's what I'm standing in. That's when I saw the emergency water truck next to the side of the building, and the sign said the office would be open again on Wednesday. OK, so I guess I'll have breakfast while I'm in town, and I wonder...when you cancel an appointment with the office and it's not a 24 hour notice, they charge you 25 dollars. So now will they give me 25 dollars since I drove all the way up there and nobody was home? Yeah, right! Oh, I just ate my sausage biscuits and gravy, had some more coffee, and went shopping with my sister, so it wasn't a bad day after all.

But now I have to call and reschedule, and do it all again next week. Sorry Tanner, have to set the alarm again. But at least he got 2 sausage biscuits out of the deal...


kat said...

waaa...pity honey, you woke up early for nothing. we will charge that doctor for not informing you that they are close, at least for the gas.

I love you.