Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Life Is But A Dream...

I've written a couple of things here about travel, not very extensive, just hitting on some topics so far. I guess that's the way it is in the beginning. So once again, I'll hit on this topic of the Philippines with a few of my personal views, your mileage may vary...

After seeing a lot of the world over the years, it comes to mind that there are places where I have felt comfortable, so always when returning here I find myself daydreaming about things. I guess some people naturally have a wandering spirit, for me, I love the travel. But over the last two or three years, I have found myself returning to this country that I've come to admire for a lot of reasons.

Well of course, the main reason of so many trips has been the wonderful person I chose to spend my life with. I feel very Blessed every day for that. Then the people there, all I can say is that I have never experienced such warmth and welcome feelings anywhere else in my life. From my extended family in Davao to the many friends I have been lucky to meet, I have always been made to feel a part of everything. So, last year we bought lots in Davao and plan to build a house there. I can't wait!

When I say "life is but a dream", I guess this would be mine. As we go through our lives, we all have dreams. Some big, some small, but all equally important to each of us. Without dreams, where would we be? It requires taking chances, and not being afraid of failure. Throughout my own life, I've had many dreams, some became reality, some not, but all were a learning experience. At this point in my life I have finally reached an age of knowing what I'd like to have from here on out. I want to wake up next to my wonderful asawa, listen to the rooster crowing, and have the first cup of coffee (with pandesal) :-) to start my day. I want to enjoy having the neighbors come around to talk, to visit the market to get fish, fruit, and I have discovered my very own "BBQ chicken lady" as I call her, it makes my mouth water just thinking about that.

I love to walk around the Matina Crossing area there in Davao. I'm still trying to figure out which jeepney to get on for the mall, if I'm alone there's no telling where I might wind up! But then I guess I could always just ride and see more of the countryside. If you're read anything else I've written, you know that I love golf. I discovered the "Davao City Golf Club" and the "Apo Golf Club", which I can hardly wait to try out. I even took Katherine a set of golf clubs last time I went there, so at least I'll have a playing partner. I hope! I love going down to the sea also, it's a very peaceful place for me, swimming in the ocean is great exercise, although I'll never be quite the swimmer that my brother in law is. I think he must be part fish. I'm looking forward to learning some underwater stuff from him.

All these little things might not sound like much when you read them separately, but when they're all put together, they make up my own dream. Each of us has one, or several, that we think about from time to time. Goals that we set, different things in life that we want to achieve. If you simply start with a dream, no matter how big or how small it may seem, then you have something to work towards, as I do now. So don't ever stop dreaming, it's truly the beginning of everything we work for.