Friday, December 5, 2008

Creating Tanner's World

In trying to come up with a proper name, I had to realize how diverse the site might be. There are many interests, ranging from music, to travel, food, and simple every day happenenings.
Since the most exposed to these things is Tanner, my Golden Retriever, I'll just call it by his name. After all, this is his world, he just lets me live in it.

There are times I choose to be lazy, to sit on the couch and watch TV, and he's there, when I pick up the guitar or banjo to play a while, he listens, when I'm on here chatting or on the phone with the love of my life, he has to be a part of that too. When we're out and about, I don't know who really walks who.

For these years I spent alone and single, he's been my companion, and most of the time I really don't think he realizes he's a dog, he just knows he's my best friend. So what better name to choose than to pay homage to someone who has been by my side, listened while I learn a new lick on the banjo and never complain ( at least out loud) and is always ready to go on a new adventure with me.

Speaking of adventures, I'll be posting about travel to the Philippines, which I already call as home, the things I see when I'm there, the new things I learn each day about the culture and the people. So many things which are new and exciting to me, some of which take a while to understand, but all of which I love.

It is my hope and desire to have much information to come which may be helpful or useful to others, or simply entertaining to read.
Check back often....