Thursday, January 1, 2009

Tanner the Jealous Boy

After coming home from work, I'm usually very tired, but it's nice that Tanner meets me every night at the door to get his hug first thing. Or maybe he's just happy because he knows what I always bring home?! Since I manage a restaurant he always has 3 or 4 grilled chicken breasts for supper, so perhaps that's a big part of it...

But he really is jealous! We have our nightly ritual of taking our walk, then he has his chicken, and if he's still hungry he helps himself to his kibbles while I'm checking email or what have you. Then after the shower he lays under the computer desk while I do my thing, very patiently waiting for bedtime which he knows brings our snack. As soon as I lay down, he's there to get his 3 butter cookies and rawhide chew stick while I get on the phone to Katherine.

Now while we talk on the phone, he's busy finishing his rawhide, so it's a quiet time for us to talk. But when he's finished, that's it. He thinks it's supposed to be his time now. So on the bed, rooting with his head against me and making all sorts of grunts and puffs to get my attention. Then he starts to use that big nose like a shovel, trying to pry my arm over to scratch him, and if that doesn't work right away, he starts the talking and barking. You have to understand that this little fella weighs 120 pounds, so it's not like there's a kitten trying for my attention. This usually goes on until I lay my hand on him, and as long as he's being touched he's fine. But he has actually learned when we're finishing our conversation on the phone, because no matter how impatient he is, when he hears us starting to say out good-byes, he turns around and lays down, and as soon as I'm off the phone, it's just him laying there minding his own business as if there hasn't been a bother in the world.

Mornings aren't so bad usually. He has learned to let me sleep when I'm working on the night shift, but I know he lays wherever he chooses just waiting, because as soon as I start to move or make a sound, here he comes, ready to start the day. Up beside me, getting his good morning wishes, then when I start to sit up he goes to the side and hangs his legs over just like me. On those mornings when I'm not up and about at the usual times, he decides to help by getting one of his squeaky toys to use as an alarm clock. It really does work. When you're sound asleep and the quiet is broken with the sounds of a stuffed monkey going squeak squeak squeak...usually close beside my head... it works quite well indeed.

But then, how can you get mad at something like that. After so much time together I think we sort of know each other's mannerisms, and it's almost like a child that just wants some attention. For as much as he might do to aggravate me, he also is the definition of "man's best friend", and keeps me from being too stressed when I come home from work. No, I don't think I'd change a thing about him.

Do you have a special someone like Tanner in your life also? If you do, I'd love to hear from you.


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