Saturday, January 10, 2009

My Neighbors, the Critters

That's right, the critters. No, I'm not talking about the neighbors up the road, but the ones who visit from the woods behind my house. I have a pretty big yard, and in the back it adjoins several hundred acres of woods. Now to someone like me, who enjoys sitting out there playing the banjo on a warm summer evening, that's a good thing. And the wildlife, those are the critters I'm talking about.
I do love the animals, so I try to take care of them in my own way. I have a lot of bird feeders, so especially in the wintertime they will have food. And of course there are squirrels, rabbits, raccoons, deer, and a special opossum that comes around at night. Every once in a while I'm even treated to 5 or 6 wild turkeys coming through the yard together.
Sometimes when I'm up early for an opening shift at work, it's just getting daylight, and from the kitchen window I can see the deer in the yard eating before they go to bed down. The squirrels are everywhere, and it seems they take a special kind of fondness to the bird feeders, but that's ok too.
I like to put out small bales of alfalfa for the rabbits in the back yard, they come up and enjoy that from what I can see, and if I drive home at night my lights will pass over them often. There's also a raccoon that comes up close to the back porch, especially around the area where I keep the grill, and I try to always have something out there for him.
But the opossum, well, one night I was in here on the computer and heard a scratching at the back door. Tanner went and put his head down to listen, and I got up and went there also, because I thought it was probably a cat that belongs to a neighbor through the woods. But when I opened the back door, here was the opossum sitting there. He didn't run away, just looked up as if to say "I'm hungry." So here I go to the fridge to see what I can find.
It's really an enjoyable thing for me to watch these animals that I call my neighbors. It gives me a great pleasure to be able to look out and see them enjoying what I leave for them, and I'm happy to see that they feel as much at home in my back yard as I do.


Anonymous said...

I love the possum story..that is so cute. Does he come back often? I enjoy your blog very much!

Roger said...

Hi Genie, thanks for your comment, yes, the little things come around pretty regularly so I try to keep them fed. Hope you'll keep coming back.

Rose De Dan, Wild Reiki and Shamanic Healing LLC said...

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best wishes,
Rose De Dan
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RD Livengood said...

Hi Rose, Thanks for visiting, I did go to your site and it was most enjoyable reading. I'm sure I'll visit there often. Added your sites to my friends lists. Thanks again.