Tuesday, January 20, 2009

It's Another Banjo Day Here

Waking up this morning with a day off, no work, nothing to do but relax....looking outside the kitchen window as I go to make coffee, and there's a blanket of snow out there. It's very pretty to look at, but the cold....at my age now it makes the joints stand up and shout.

Tanner decided he simply had to go out right this minute, of course I know he did since he's waited all night for this moment. No, I'm not talking about just playing in the snow! So here we go doing our walk from tree to tree, bush to bush, him wanting to play and splash in the snow between his nature visits, me just wanting to keep it out of my shoes. But it's nice to be out there watching him enjoy the snow.

Right now the sun is out, so I've put off placing some logs in the back of my pickup. Although it's 4WD, it's light in the rear so in this weather I like to put some extra weight in the bed. We didn't really get a lot of snow during the night, just a heavy dusting really, but there's a chance for the next couple of days to continue.

So this is why I call it a banjo day. I'll spend the time playing the banjo, learning some new licks I hope, and simply doing what a woods-raised country boy does. Might walk back down to the creek later to look for deer tracks and watch the animals, definately have to put out some food for my furry friends. And of course I'll look at some pictures from my other home in the Philippines, and miss the warm weather there today.

Well.... time for the banjo, and another cup of coffee!