Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Coffee Filters?

My neighbor sent an email this morning that I wanted to share, tips on uses for those inexpensive coffee filters that you can buy at the grocery store, dollar store, or almost anywhere. I drink a lot of coffee here, but I never thought of anything other than what I always do with them....filter my coffee!

* Cover bowls and dishes when cooking in the microwave, excellent to prevent splashes and splatters

* Protect china: you can place these between your good plates to prevent scratching while they are stored

* If you're a wine person, you can use these to filter out those broken pieces of cork if you happen to break off some while opening the wine

* Protect a cast iron skillet: lay these in your skillet to absorb moisture and prevent rust on the cast iron

* Apply shoe polish, since they are lint free you can ball up a filter to use for a nice shine

* Clean windows: these lint free filters will give you a streak free shine to all your glass cleaning

* Weigh chopped foods on a kitchen scale

* Hold tacos or other messy foods, makes a neat wrapper, also poke a hole in the filter to use with a popsicle to prevent messy drippings

* Plant pot liner: line the inside of your pots with these to prevent the soil from going through the drainage holes

* Absorb grease: use these on plates to absorb the grease from french fries, fried chicken, bacon, etc. they will soak up all the grease

* Men and ladies: makes great fixers for those razor nicks, and inexpensive way to use strips of filters to apply eyebrow wax