Thursday, January 14, 2010

Tanner, the Makulit...Love of a Dog

That's my boy...Tanner. Another day at work, after waking up at 5:00 AM for the opening shift, getting through the day without too much trouble, and looking forward to some rest after a long day. NOT!

Oh, it's nice that Tanner meets me when I come in the back door, and he sits up to give me a great big hug. In fact, it's one really important part of my day that I look forward to. Moments of pure, unconditional love. Then of course, it's time to go out, because my boy has been waiting for hours for this moment too, and what relief it is for him. We usually take a little walk, and play a little in the yard, though not as much right now as it's winter, and it's a little too cold for me to stay out for any real length of time. But we are still able to get our bonding time together.

Now for the next treat. You see, Tanner knows I work as a restaurant manager, and he also knows he gets his grilled chicken breasts for dinner when I come home. Little wonder that he hasn't touched his Purina all day, the bowl is still full. But, after he finishes his chicken breasts, that's the Purina time.

Now I get to sit down and relax on the couch for a little while, watch some TV, and simply rest. Oh, let's not forget the makulit....there has to be 120 pounds across my lap, turning to lick my face, and don't even try to stop scratching his head, oh no, that won't do. But can I get mad at him? No way! Just more unconditional love.

OK, let's play the banjo for a few minutes. He's always ready for that. So as I play, he sits in front of me and watches until I nod my head, then he begins to sing along. This happens usually several times during a song, and believe it or not, he knows most of my ending licks. As I start one, he comes up to me, and as I finish my last note, he lays his head on my lap so I can tell him what a wonderful singer he is. It doesn't do a lot for my concentration when I practice, but again, how can I get mad at him for joining in.

Let's fast forward to bedtime. Now I really get to relax. I just finished my shower, I'm tired, so I lay down in the bed, usually to read. But first things first. When it's time, he's already on the bed waiting for me. It's treat time! First the 2 butter cookies, then the rawhide stick, and lastly a couple of snausages. So now I can read. Oh no, not yet. Now we have to play. It's snuggle time, so after rolling around and again laying all 120 pounds across me while I scratch him some more, he has to do his cuddle. That's when he comes and lays across the pillow with one leg across me and the other behind my neck, to make me totally available for all the dog kisses he can muster. You have to understand, all these things are nightly rituals, and he must do them without fail or he just can't rest.

Well, after all this, I actually do get to read, he goes to the end of the bed, and we sleep until the alarm goes off again. Snooze button? Who needs it. My makulit is right there, standing beside the bed, looking me in the eyes, with his tail thumping against the dresser like a drum until I open my eyes and decide to get up. A couple of mornings I have told him to go and let daddy sleep some more, but that just brings out the squeaky toys next to my head. Have you ever been in that place between sleep and waking, and had a stuffed monkey 6 inches from your head going "squeak squeak squeak".... well, nothing to do but get up and start the day.

My makulit boy....there's nothing like unconditional love.


Sandee said...

Sounds pretty much like our dog Little Bit. She's 85 pounds of love. Yep, lots of things are alike here.

Have a terrific day and weekend. :)

vickie said...

That's funny :) Your dog is literally a "lucky dog"!

RD Livengood said...

Hi Sandee,
Thanks for stopping by. For sure, Little Bit sounds so much like Tanner, it's the real deal.
Hope you are having a great week.

RD Livengood said...

Hello Vickie,
Haha, I hope he realizes that, but I think he does. I know he's pretty special to me, I guess actually we are to each other.
Thanks so much for your comment...

Dana said...

I love the special bond of human and dog. In my case two dogs that want to be right there on you all the time and you can't get mad. I don't know what we would do without them. Tanner is a lucky dog and you are his lucky human.