Saturday, August 29, 2009

Long Weekend...

Do you ever have those days, when you just don't know what to do with yourself? For me it's a weekend. Time off with not a thing to do. Well, actually I'm sure I could come up with quite a lot if I just look around, LOL.

Yesterday was busy, running around and getting things done, truck inspection, etc. Then at home to work in the yard for the early part of the afternoon, washing house windows, spraying weed killer around. Why is it the grass grows best in those places I don't want it to grow? Then of course it rained really hard later in the afternoon, squashing all thoughts of playing outside with Tanner.

But there's today, the sun is out and it's really hot. Hitting a few golf balls in the back yard, and I think later in the afternoon, maybe when it cools off just a bit, I'll go to the driving range and hit a bucket. I want to try out some shots with some Titleist 990's, to see if I can work the ball with these irons. I like the looks of them, clean simple lines, and of course Titleist makes a superb club, so I want to try these out. I think I'd like to put in a large putting green out back, that sounds like a good project.

Well, time to go and find something to eat, then try to shake off this boredom. I hope everyone is having a nice weekend.