Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hot, Sweaty and Tired!

Yeah, it's a hot day here, again in the upper 90's, but that's ok too. Since I had a day off from work, I went to the driving range to give a couple of lessons. It seems a couple of the young guys at work are getting into the golf spirit, so they wanted to learn how to hit their new clubs.

Well, there's nothing I enjoy much more than that, so in spite of the heat, off I went, and it turned out to be an enjoyable time. One guy is so primed that he's already entered into a local tournament next weekend, so we had our work cut out for the day. Altogether though, I was impressed to see the progress for a beginner, and I think he will have a lot of fun.

For me personally, I used most of the time working on my short game, and around the putting green, since I think that's where I need most work. Then after coming home, of course I had to hit some more in the back yard with my personal coach, Tanner. At least he loves chasing the balls and bringing them back to me, so I don't have to walk so far, LOL.

And congratulations to Y.E. Yang from South Korea for his victory this past week at the PGA championship. I can't wait to get to Davao and play some of those hard and fast fairways and greens, hopefully with Katherine. Maybe she'll get the fever too....
Wow, I wish I could teach this game for a living!