Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Summer Thunder....

Now here's another little thing about summertime in my part of the world, the thunder-showers we get when the weather is so hot. For me, this isn't a bad thing at all, because I enjoy the thunderstorms and the rain. Tanner though, there's a different story. The sound of the thunder scares him, he doesn't like lightening at all, and maybe not so crazy about hard rain. So during these times, I have 120 pounds of scared fur all over me, trying to get as close as possible.

Myself on the other hand, for some reason I enjoy the storms. I like to watch as mother nature unleashes all her power, and I find it very relaxing. (Except for the 120 pounds of fur in my lap)

I like to watch the rain, and listen to it as it hits the roof, think about all the good it's doing for the grass, trees and flowers. And I like the after-rain smell, when everything seems cleansed. My only drawback is that now I'm reduced to only practicing my putting inside the house, which isn't such a bad thing either, if you were to watch me putt.

As I sit here now I can hear the thunder moving off in the distance, the rain has become a steady sound on the roof, so I think I'll try and go to bed and enjoy the alluring sounds of nature as I fall asleep. What about you ever just simply enjoy nature for herself?


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