Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Hot, Tired, but Happy

Yes, it's hot here today. After a long winter that, to be honest, could have been much worse, springtime arrived and allowed me to get outdoors again, and now summer is here and the heat is on. But I won't complain, because I get to do a lot of things I enjoy.

I actually enjoy doing the yard work, though it's hard sometimes, but nice. I really love to cook outside on the grill, and of course Tanner absolutely loves that too, because he knows that when I cook for me, I also cook for him. Spoiled? Yeah, but that's what he's here for.

Then there's the planting of tomatoes and peppers, that's about all I did this year, but I'm a real squash and okra lover too! Just don't seem to have enough time right now to take care of all those things.

And of course there's golf! One of the things that brings me much pleasure is simply hitting golf balls. Even when I'm not playing on the course, I enjoy so much just practicing in the back yard. I think I mentioned before that I have a fairly large yard, so I have a flag stick and small green at one end, and since I'm surrounded by woods, there's no neighbors house close enough to worry about, so the only windows I can break are my own, lol. I've been lucky though, and that hasn't happened. About the best exercise I get is retrieving the balls after Tanner chases them and puts them all in a little pile next to his big tree. But I guess that's exercise for both of us.

Talking to Katherine tonight, she was telling me that it's not so hot there today, and it made me wish to be in Davao so I could go play at Apo golf course. But then we got to talking about the sea, and I was thinking that maybe I would rather walk down there and enjoy the water. I believe that when I finally get there for good, there's going to be plenty to keep me busy.

Having to work different shifts also takes a lot of my time, for the next three days I have to open, which means getting up at 5:00 in the morning, after that I'll be closing, meaning I will be getting to bed to sleep around that same time, so it does take a toll.
I hope you are also enjoying whatever weather you're having right now, and are able to get out and do the things you like to do. Whatever that may be, just stay happy!


katherine said...

nice post hon..love u

Jane said...

Just curious, how come your wife is in the philippines instead of there in NC with you? Just asking (peace)

RD Livengood said...

Hi Jane,
Actually, we're working on that right now. Also bought some property there in Davao where the house will be, so we will both be living there permanently in the future. Thanks for the comment...