Monday, April 27, 2009

Golf...Getting the Swing Back

I haven't been here for a little while, so much to do with not enough hours in the day. If you have read here in the past, you know this last year has been hectic with lots of medical problems, seemingly all at once. After a small stroke last year, one of the things that depressed me the most was the loss of vision in my left eye, which has been coming back, although very slowly. This caused me to lose the ability to do one of the things I enjoy most, playing golf.

With the coming of springtime and warmer weather though, I have been working hard to get my swing back. At first it was impossible to hit the ball, my vision causing me to not have focus when I set up to the ball and tried to swing. I always topped it or shanked it to the left, everything but a good swing and strike. I'm happy now though, because over the past couple of weeks I have worked very hard at practice in the back yard and it seems to be paying off. I feel my swing is back, maybe even better than before simply because I have had to concentrate so much on proper ball striking, and now I'm back to hitting it straight, being able to play fades and draws again, and it feels good. I haven't worried too much about distance yet, because that's there with proper striking anyway, and now it's time to head out to the driving range and work on that part.

Unless you're an avid golfer, this probably doesn't mean too much to you, but for me, it was a loss of something I loved to do for a while there. Now that it's coming back to me, I have learned to appreciate it even more than before. I think that over the next few days I'll write more about practice, how it's helped me and how it can make a difference in your game. Now that I'm ready for the range, it's just a matter of days until it's time for the course again. Look out Tiger and Phil.......