Tuesday, March 3, 2009

From Sun to Snow....Again!

After a pretty nice week here weather-wise, the temperatures going into the high 60s, it all turned around again this weekend when the snow started falling on Sunday evening and continued through most of the night. We wound up with 6-7 inches here, and I had to be working the night shift of course, so I got the pleasure of driving home in it at 2:00 AM.

Arriving home so late, when the temperatures had dropped below freezing, I was greeted with having no electricity. Well, I had candles, so that was no problem. Tanner greeted me at the door as usual, but this time with a wondering look on his face, especially when he looked out the door at the white stuff everywhere. And yes, there was the usual amount of wanting to play when we walked outside to let him do his business.

Coming back in, lighting the candles, it's all well and good. Except for the fact that my heat is also electric. So let's rummage through the closet in the dark and bring out extra blankets, get into the bed, it's now 3:00 AM, and try to stay warm until the electric company gets things fixed. I reflect back on another reason why I would like to have a fireplace.

So, after drifting into the occasional nap, the power came back on at 9:00 in the morning. It had already gotten cold inside so I still had to wait a while for things to warm up, but Merci Dieu, the coffee pot was working!

Now things are starting to melt away, although the temperature last night was 13 degrees and the high today is only 33, at least the sun is shining. Friday is just around the corner, when we're supposed to back up in the 70s. I think I see some bouts of the flu headed our way. Now to talk again to Katherine so she can tell me all about walking down to the sea to swim!